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What is Binding? 

In the trans community, "binding" refers to the process of compressing one's breast tissue in order to create a more "masculine" appearing chest. 

General Information 

Some in the trans* community make the decision to bind their chest and some do not. The decision is based on the individual's comfort with their body, access to various methods of binding, and weighing the potential health risks that accompany binding. A trans person does not have to bind in order to be trans. As in any community, there is a wide range of diversity among those who identify as trans*, and there is not one right way to express oneself. 

There are a variety of methods that people use in order to bind. Each method offers varying levels of success along with varied amounts of pain and discomfort and potential health risks. If you are going to choose to bind, it is important to research the various available methods and the health risks they pose so you can make an informed decision that is best for you.  

Informational Resources

Hudson's FTM Resource Guide offers detailed tips and information for various binding methods, instructions on how to determine bra and cup size, and information on where to purchase manufactured binders. 

Female to Male is a website offering the history of binding, tips and potential health risks, and other resources. 

In A Bind is a volunteer-run endeavor that provides new and used chest binders to youth. Need a binder? Looking for a place to donate an old one? Check them out!