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How Indiana Youth Group does Sexual Health! 

Interested in learning sexual health information that is tailored for LGBTQIA youth? IYG has "queered" the Be Proud! Be Responsible!  evidence-based sexual health curriculum and is ready to take on the big questions that sometimes other sexual health programs don't address. 

Topics Include:
All contraceptive (birth control) options 
HIV/STI prevention 
Where babies actually come from 
Cultural messages around sex
Exploring personal values
Healthy relationships
Quality communication skills
Decision-making skills
Safer-sex options (abstinence, barrier methods, behaviors... oh my!)

Youth who complete the entire program receive a $25 gift card! Travel assistance (gas cards/bus passes) are also available. 

Interested in discussing and learning about sexual health in a shame-free, sex positive environment with youth like you? Groups are ongoing, so there is always an opportunity to participate!

Contact for additional information, or to sign up for the next cohort!