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What kinds of activities does IYG offer? What does programming look like?

Programs look very different from one another at IYG. Their frequency, length, topics, and facilitation varies! Some groups will be closed to a set of specific folks, some will be open to anyone wanting to join. We've affinity groups where youth who identify with something (like gender or sexuality) meet. We have groups aimed at helping mental health in a cohort of LGBTQ+ youth. We have educational programming that includes tutoring as well as homework hours and access to a laptop for school. There's so much to discover at IYG, and we can't list everything here. But, you can check out our Active Programs list to see their description and their general frequency. These are subject to change, so if you're wondering if a group is cancelled or moved, check out the Facebook page the day before or day of that program. You can also e-mail the facilitator listed in the list or our Program Manager for more information.


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