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Good LGBT Films

Just like mainstream films, there are many great LGBT films.  Let us know if you find some LGBT movies that we should include here.

Documentaries for familiesFor the Bible Tells Me So

Both of these documentaries show how families deal with their child's coming out. Copies are available for purchase on their websites.

Great documentaries that are good for discussions:

  • It's Elementary
  • It's STILL Elementary
  • Straightlaced
  • Transgeneration
  • Bullied (available for free at www.tolerance.org)

Mainstream movies

These mainstream movies involve the LGBT community.

  • Big EdenBut I'm a Cheerleader
  • Brother to Brother
  • But I'm just a Cheerleader
  • If These Walls Could Talk 2
  • Imagine Me & You
  • Outing Riley
  • Loving Annabelle
  • Prom Queen
  • Kinky Boots
  • Beautiful Thing
  • Were the World Mine
  • Edge of Seventeen
  • Shelter
  • D.E.B.S
  • Latter Days
  • The Incredibly True Adventures of Two Girls in Love
  • Ma Vie en Rose (French with subtitles)Latter Days
  • Camp
  • Saved!
  • Happy Texas
  • Billy Elliot
  • Ready? OK!
  • Connie and Carla
  • To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
  • In and Out
  • Prayers for Bobby (Lifetime)
  • The Truth About Jane (Lifetime)
  • Transamerica
  • Looking for Langston
  • Easy A
  • Boys Don't Cry