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IYG Wish List

IYG can use all kinds of donated items...Donations support LGBT Youth

...from boring paper towels (we go through them!) to good books and movies to a van!  (We might as well put it out into the universe!)  We also need art project supplies, electronic games, and people to help underwrite some of our special youth programming (the youth summits, the prom, the lock-in, the youth talent show, etc.)

Click here for our detailed Wish List!

Amazon Smile offers another means for purchasing items for our youth.

Click here to see IYG's Amazon Wish List of items for the youth! http://a.co/iKUO5TX

If you haven't already designated IYG as the non-profit you're supporting, you can do so through Amazon Smile at https://smile.amazon.com/

Another way to support us at no cost to you is to register your Kroger Plus Card at www.kroger.com/communityrewards and make IYG your community organization. This doesn't affect your points, it simply helps support IYG each time you shop at Kroger! You must renew your selected organization annually. Please make sure you're still supporting IYG through this wonderful program! 

Note: On our recent, 4th quarter statement from Kroger's Community Rewards Program we were extremely happy to see we earned over $1200 from your support! Please keep it coming!

(If you buy items for IYG or the youth from Amazon, we only receive your name, so please email us and let us know that you are buying an item...we'd like to send you a thank you!)


Thank you for your generosity! Without you, Indiana Youth Group would not be possible!