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News / 2018 / April / Youth Spotlight - Dorian
April 4, 2018
Youth Spotlight - Dorian

Youth Spotlight
Dorian - Age 18 - Pronouns: He/Him/His

Q: What was happening in your life when you started coming to IYG: were you doing okay at school? How were things at home?
A: Dorian: When I first started coming to IYG, my therapist kept ranting saying I need to check out this place. I wasn't sure if I wanted to meet people like me yet. But then I did it, and went to the new place, I never saw the old house. School was going great. I was doing online school. I'm done with school now, an early graduate. Family was great too.

Q: How did you hear about IYG?
A: Dorian: When I first went to therapy they said I had to do some community thing and my therapist said I should check out IYG. At first I didn't want to but eventually to the very last strip of chicken I finally came, and I love it. I try to come twice a week.

Q: What went through your mind when you first heard about IYG?
A: Dorian: Last year I came out, I was 17 getting closer to 18 and felt like it was the time to come out. All my family loves me. Some of my family members are bisexual. And my therapist mentioned IYG and I didn't really want to be around people at first because wasn't sure if I would fit in.

Q: Was it hard to come to IYG the first time? Did you come with friends or by yourself?
A: Dorian: My grandma took me. We came on a Wednesday and got a tour. I like it, it was cool. It was kind of hard at first because I thought it was all gay people, I thought it was just a gay pride place. But then found out there were lots of people from the LGBTQ+ umbrella here.

Q: How long have you been coming to IYG? Why do you keep coming?
A: Dorian: I've been coming to IYG since December of 2017. I keep coming because everyone here is interesting and maybe I can snag me a date here, and I have too many straight friends.

Q: What types of IYG activities do you participate in? Why do you like participating in them?
A: Dorian: I definitely do Karaoke because I want to show everybody that I'm a good singer. I need to do other activities. I want to go to Guys Who Like Guys. I might try Open Mic Night, write a poem or get a good poem from Google to read.

Q: What has been your greatest challenge since coming to IYG (either at IYG or school or home or ???)
A: Dorian: I'm 6'5, I'm a tall person and at first at IYG I felt like I didn't fit in as well. I also thought would be more gay people here, there were a lot of trans people here and I thought there would be more gay people here who I could relate to.

Q: In general, what has IYG done for you or why is IYG important to you?
A: Dorian: IYG is important to me because it's a chill spot and I get to chill for an hour with people I love. I'm good at making people laugh and smile and that's what I do every single day. I help people through depression. I'm mainly here to chill and help people.