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Program Sponsorships

Sponsoring specific programs at IYG has been set up in response to requests by different groups, churches and businesses. Instead of making a general donation to IYG, many people want to focus their donation in support of a specific program or service that IYG offers. These programs can be specific groups, workshops, or activities that are offered to youth at the activity center. These programs are normally offered once a month, but there are some programs that are scheduled twice a month.

Program sponsorships are normally $500, although this can vary.

Your group, church, or business will receive recognition for the sponsorship in material posted at the IYG activity center about the group session, on the website, and in the annual report.

The goal for program sponsorships is 1) to start to build partnerships between the community and IYG and 2) to finding ways for the community to support LGBT youth.

Why $500?

For a volunteer led program at IYG, the staff time costs $ 235.00 for the program coordinator to provide oversight and program evaluation. It is $ 158.00 for the volunteer coordinator associated activities. $ 46.00 is allocated for building use. $ 65.00 is the cost of supplies. Even though different programs have different supply needs, IYG allocates the overall supply costs. The total comes to $ 504.00.

Click here for a list of programs that are still available for sponsorship.