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Indiana Youth Group -- Supporting LGBTQ+ youth, building caring communities

LGBTQ Speaking & Training EventsBuilding caring communities is just as important to supporting LGBTQ youth as anything else IYG does. We want these youth to enter a community that values them. The most important part of changing minds is education…breaking down stereotypes, learning what the words mean, what the LGBTQ+ community really looks like and how to be a supportive ally.

IYG offers a variety of community education. We have provided programs on a variety of topics to many different types of groups and in different venues:

  • Informal speaking engagements
  • Q & A panels
  • Workshops at conferences
  • Trainings to professionals (social services, medical, educational, domestic violence)
  • Church groups, church youth groups, K-12 and college classes, juvenile justice and youth services professionals, medical staff, high school professional day

Topics range from a general LGBTQ+ 101 to working with LGBTQ+ clients in specific situations. These programs range from an hour to 3 hours.

Contact us to discuss IYG speaking to your group or designing a training for your school or organization.

For more information about professional trainings, click HERE.