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There are easy ways to support IYG without really thinking about it.

Both Kroger and Amazon will donate a portion of what you buy with them to IYG. There is no out of pocket expense for you, you shop and they give. It doesn't affect your Kroger Plus points either. IYG has been benefiting greatly from these amazing community programs, so please take a second to designate us as your organization of choice!

Amazon Smile

Amazon Smile is another great, cost-free way to support IYG!

To register, go to Amazon Smile, log in, and choose Indiana Youth Group as the non-profit you'd like to support. After registering, a portion of your purchase will be donated to IYG each time you shop at no extra cost to you! You shop for your own personal items and then they donate to us on your behalf!

Click here to see IYG's Amazon Wish List of items for the youth!

(If you buy items for IYG or the youth from Amazon, we only receive your name, so please email us and let us know that you are buying an item...we'd like to send you a thank you!)


Another way to support us at no cost to you is to register your Kroger Plus Card at and make IYG your community organization. This doesn't affect your points, it simply helps support IYG each time you shop at Kroger! You must renew your selected organization annually. Please make sure you're still supporting IYG through this wonderful program!


Thank you for your generosity! Without you, Indiana Youth Group would not be possible!