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Thrive: Dare to be Powerful

Parent Information 

In East of Eden John Steinbeck wrote, "Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..." 

Understatement, much?

Thank you for being courageous and seeking out resources for youth that are important to you. Whatever brought you to find out about Thrive, we're glad you did! It can be tough to be a youth, and even tougher to be a youth who identifies as LGBTQ; there are alarming statistics to back that up. 

However, your youth is not just a statistic. And we're here to help. 

Thrive: Dare to be Powerful is a program that was written by IYG staff and is currently in the process of seeking evidence-based approval as a suicide prevention program. The youth that have participated in the program have demonstrated a decrease in depression and an increase in self-esteem. They have also reported that the program helped connect them to the history of the LGBTQ community, imagine a future for themselves within that community, develop positive coping skills, connect with others who are like them, and more. 


  • Youth under the age of 18 must have parent/guardian consent to participate 
  • Groups will generally have between 6-8 people in them
  • Cohorts are made up of 8, 120 minute sessions 
  • If youth miss a session, they need to make it up prior to the next session 
  • It is absolutely FREE to participate!
  • Gas cards and bus passes are available to assist in travel cost to participate
  • SNACKS are part of each group 
  • A $25 gift card is provided to youth who complete the program 

Curriculum Topics

Week One: Introduction to Program and Group Agreements
Week Two: The Cognitive Behavior Model
Week Three: Queerstory (Queer History)
Week Four: Automatic Thoughts and Core Beliefs
Week Five: The Responses
Week Six: Coping Skills
Week Seven: Relapse Prevention Plans
Week Eight: Review and Celebration

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the Manager of Curricula Development. You can also check out what youth who have experienced the program have to say about it! 

Additional Support for Families

IYG knows that parents/caregivers are the most important factor in a child's future. IYG has opportunities for parents to connect with other parents, provides educational programs and information sessions, and has monthly meet-up opportunities. IYG's Manager of SBCM and Family Support does an incredible job at meeting parents/caregivers where they are and getting them where they hope to be! Reach out to learn more about these great opportunities