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Thrive: Dare to be Powerful Information

What Sucks

Sometimes, being LGBTQ sucks. It's true. Maybe your family doesn't support you, or maybe you've lost friends once you told them about who you are. You might live in a state that bullies you on a legislative level. You might have heard hateful messages from your faith community. All of that can take a toll. We're sorry. You aren't alone. Promise. Pinky promise.

What Rocks

And sometimes, being LGBTQ rocks. You are part of a community with a history as old as…well, history! There is a lot happening now -- this very moment--to find hope in, and the future is so much brighter because you're in it.

That's what Thrive: Dare to be Powerful is all about. It's about connecting to your community, building some skills to help when things are tough, and dreaming about a future where you aren't just getting through, but you're thriving. The program is designed to create a space where you hopefully feel safe to get real about your feels and struggles, develop some tools on how to deal and cope, have some fun while doing it, and build some good relationships with the other participants and the facilitator(s). It's not therapy or school, although we talk a lot and you might learn things. 

Stuff You Should Know...

Here's some info:

  • The group has about 6-8 people
  • If you are under 18, you will have to have a parent/guardian's consent
  • Sessions are usually 120 minutes 
  • There are 8 sessions and we meet once a week
  • If you were to miss a group you'd need to make it up before the next group
  • It is absolutely FREE to participate!
  • We give gas cards or bus passes to help get you here
  • SNACKS are part of each group
  • At the end of the entire thing, you get a $25 gift card
  • You get to hang out with incredible, super fun, amazing, wonderful facilitator(s)*

Have questions? Interested? Let us know!

*The facilitator of the program may or may not have written the content of this page…

**Want some less biased opinions about the program? Check out what youth who have gone through it think about their experience with Thrive: Dare to be Powerful