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LGBTQ Support for Struggling Youth

We love to have fun at IYG, but we also understand that life is not always fun. We get it that you may feel lost, alone, trapped, confused, or all of the above. We are here to provide help and support for LGBTQ youth. You are NOT alone. 

These resources are for the moments in life when…

You want to scream…  When you feel like you just can't get out of bed….  When your parents don't understand…. When the person you are falling for picks your best friend…. When your loved one dies unexpectedly…. When your binge drinking has taken control over you…. When you avoid the lunchroom because you have no one to sit with…. When you come to the realization that losing 20 pounds didn't cure your sadness…. When you cut to take away the pain…. When you feel like drinking is what all your friends are doing so you should too…. When you want to help your parent who has a drug/alcohol problem…. When you cry yourself to sleep…. When you feel like no one will accept you for identifying as LGBT….

Do any of these things sound familiar? There is help. We are here for you…always.

Get Help Now

If someone from IYG isn't available when you need/want to talk, call one of these resources.

The Trevor Project Website or 866.488.7386

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Website or 800-273-8255

The GLBT National Help Center Website or 1-800-246-7743

If you have questions about sex, drugs, eating disorders, going to the doctor, or anything involving your physical or mental health,  Text :txt@justask-in.org  (Indiana Coalition to Improve Adolescent Health)


Check back periodically for information on specific topics.