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2018 Summit Sessions

2018 Youth Summit Session Descriptions

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Pride At Work - Lucas Munson and Indiana SHRM

Want to know what it takes to land the job you want? Curious about how to draft or present your resume? Have questions about job searching, interviewing, and other employment-related items but no one to ask? Join this session of four experienced human resource professionals who will share their expertise and answer your most pressing questions. What do employers look for in solid hires? Come to this session and find out! Facilitated by IYG Youth Lucas Munson!

Cars - Chad Quakenbush

Buying a car is a big commitment but there are a lot of options out there. Learn about basic car maintenance, the difference between buying new and used, and get info about the different types of car dealers. 

Creating Change with GSA's - Brownsburg High School

Thinking about starting a GSA at your school or looking for tools to make it more successful? This discussion will talk about what it takes to start a GSA and how to make your GSA an instrument of change within your school. Hosted by the Indiana GSA Coordinator James Capps, and Brownsburg High School's GSA with Craig Lee.

Queer in the Mirror - Kaylee Sink & Lisa Pyron

Binge-watching Stranger Things and eating ice cream out of the tub is a great way to spend a weekend, but self-care comes in many different forms. Sometimes self-care is watching our favorite shows and eating our favorite food, but it's also daily maintenance: taking care of our personal hygiene, getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and taking time for ourselves when we need it. This break-out session will explore definitions of self-care, forms of self-care, and how to maintain healthy self-care practices. During this session, we will do a mixture of art activities and mindfulness practices, such as meditation in order to showcase different forms of self-care. Queer in the Mirror is an LGBTQ+ focused self-esteem and body image group, occurring monthly at IYG, which combines forms of art, music, and mindfulness practices to discuss how to take care of ourselves and address low self-esteem and negative self-image. If you're interested in learning about self-care and mindfulness this session is for you!

Startup, Service, or Skill - Alternatives to College - Panel

Unsure if college is your next step? This panel will feature youth and adults who have built their own businesses, worked in the fields of their interest, or participated in a service year rather than jumping into college. Ask our panelists about what their experiences outside of the college track have been like, what resources have helped them in their fields, and how their choices have paid off for them.

Comparing Tests: SAT vs ACT & AP Classes - Alicia LaMagdeleine

 Most universities require some form of standardized test with their applications but how do you decide which one? Alicia LaMagdeleine, Assistant Head of School for University High School will walk you through the differences of the SAT and ACT, the benefits of AP classes and AP tests, and writing your college application essays. 

Healthy Relationships - Planned Parenthood Peer Educators

Facilitated by the trained Peer Educators team from Planned Parenthood, this session will be a discussion and workshop on building healthy relationships, communication skills, and safety.

Storytelling - James Lecesne & Ryan Amador

The Trevor Project Co-Founder James Lecesne and musician Ryan Amador are bringing their LGBTQIA storytelling workshop to the 2018 Youth Summit! Warm up with some theater games, a songwriting workshop, and discuss and reflect on how to best tell your own story. These sessions will focus on how to structure your story - but you will also puzzle out the underlying conflict, illuminate the characters and their motivations, uncover your deeply held beliefs and create a vivid map of the story you want to tell.

Financial Thinking - Fifth Third Bank

From banking 101 to long-term financial planning, our friends at Fifth Third Bank are here to help you become financially literate and prepared for life after High School. "Fifth Third is committed to growing the financial knowledge of students so that they can successfully manage their lives," said Brian Lamb, executive vice president, Fifth Third Bancorp. "As high school students are entering the life stage in which they're making financial decisions, it's important that we play a role in that. This is part of who we are. It's a part of being a Fifth Third better. And it is exactly what will make a long-lasting, positive difference in the communities we serve."

Picking the Best Fit for College - Kathy Pivonka 

Deciding on which University is best for you begins with the application process which is daunting enough. Get some answers on if that Common App is worth the time and what alternatives there are to getting into your dream school. Kathy Pivonka, the Director of Counseling at Cathedral High School will discuss what to consider in applying and what basic information you need to know about FASFA. 

Activism - Alec Dean

Whether or not you can vote, you do have a voice! Join this session to learn about how you can get involved in politics, how to call your representatives, and other ways that you can stay informed and active!

Housing - Herman & Kittle

Our housing professionals will walk you through the process of choosing an apartment or home, applying for a lease and lengths of terms, moving in, picking roommates, and everything else to consider when deciding on your next home. 

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