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Welcome to

Virtual IYG.

New Youth.

Are you new to Indiana Youth Group? Individuals from age 12* to 20 can create a new youth account to get full access to the exciting virtual programs and services IYG provides! Just fill out this form to schedule your intake interview with one of our staff members. If you've already created an account, scroll down for additional information on what we can offer and what programs you can join.


*Youth who are 12 years of age require consent from a parent or guardian to participate. 


Current Youth.

Already have an account with us? Check out some of the amazing virtual programs we offer! Please note that all youth are expected to adhere to our Virtual IYG Guidelines found HERE.

Basic Needs.

Is food scarce? Are you running low on basic hygiene items? IYG is here to help. You can make an appointment to stop by the Center and pick up prepackaged food and/or hygiene kits to assist with some of your most basic needs in this uncertain time. To schedule an appointment please reach out to one of our case managers directly via email, phone, or text. 


Case Management.

Looking for one-on-one guidance? Having trouble navigating your community and the resources are available to you? IYG's case managers are ready to work with you to make sure your needs are being met, no matter where you are. From connecting you with local support to finding housing, IYG's case management team is prepared to meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be. You can sign up for IYG case management by reaching out directly to one of our case managers.



For Youth (12-20):

Cecil Pankow


Email Cecil

(317) 541-8726 ext. 127

(317) 719-335

For Young Adults (18-24):

Najia Harris

Email Najia

(317) 541-8726 ext. 114

(317) 719-5259

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