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As Good As Gold

Yesterday, we discussed the significance of the purple and violet shades in our new logo. As expected, this brought up questions regarding the gold in the logo, which leads us directly into today’s piece on the new branding: The Significance of Gold.

Once purple was selected as the new core color, we began to explore options to complement it. Ultimately, we landed on a golden shade of yellow. This makes perfect sense from a color theory standpoint, as purple and yellow are perfect complements on the color wheel. As we looked deeper into the meaning behind the color, we found that it was also complementary to the meanings of purple.

The color gold is often associated with enlightenment, energy, triumph, generosity, power, success, positivity, compassion, caring, prosperity, spirit, loyalty, and achievement.

While these terms also represent the young people we serve, we noticed that they described IYG and the people who help to make the organization successful: Our staff, volunteers, board of directors, interns, donors, and all others in our community who support and uplift the mission. The fact that gold manifests within the logo as a shining sun only punctuates the warm welcome that we strive to extend to each and every young person who comes to IYG for support.

The color gold is not only complimentary in color theory but also its meaning. Team IYG and the young people it serves are complementary to each other. Just as we foster our youth and young adults into becoming thriving members of our communities, they inspire and encourage all of us to do better and be better. Likewise, IYG and the community complement each other. We provide programs, services, and resources that are so vital to younger members of our community, and the community provides the support necessary to make this a reality.

To each and every member of our community that continues to support IYG day in and day out, all year long, Pride Month and beyond, we greatly appreciate you! Thank you for being the gold to our purple. Thank you for helping us to continue inspiring younger generations! Then. Now. Forever.

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