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December Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to Kai Stevens (they/them/theirs), our Staff Spotlight Award winner for December! Kai has served as IYG's Volunteer and Youth Specialist since August of this year. They first learned of IYG while volunteering with Muncie OUTreach. "I knew I wanted to work in an environment where queerness was celebrated," Kai said. "Like most youth at IYG, I also knew what it was like to grow up not having support or resources to explore your queerness! I wanted to be part of an organization that was helping our future leaders and community members to do that exploring and lean into the fullest versions of who they are." Kai also added that since joining the IYG staff, their favorite part of the job has been their coworkers. They also greatly enjoy the work-life balance the company affords them. Kai's free time is spent pursuing musical interests, such singing and playing guitar, ukulele, and piano, as well as writing their own music and performing around the city. They also enjoy longboarding, camping, rock collecting, printmaking, and wood burning. Kai joked that one of their hobbies is collecting hobbies! They have a dog named Micah.

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