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IYG Denounces Conversion Therapy

Indiana Youth Group stands with Shelly's Voice in denouncing St. Luke Catholic Church and Bishop Chatard High School's decision to support and promote a speaker who advocates for conversion therapy of LGBTQ+ youth. Conversion therapy is a dangerous and traumatic practice that leads to low self-worth, depression, and, worst of all, suicide ideation and attempts. This ineffective and unethical "treatment" has been banned in many states due to the risk is poses to young people who identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning/exploring/struggling with their identity and/or sexuality. As a community, we simply cannot allow this to stand in Indiana. It WILL cause psychological, emotional, and physical harm to our youth. IYG remains committed to fighting for the safety, dignity, and respect of LGBTQ+ young people and individuals of all ages statewide. We are here for you! We will fight for you!

Read the full press release from Shelly's Voice here:

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