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IYG Statement 12/19/2022

Late last week, news broke that Indiana legislators plan to propose their own “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This is very disheartening to hear during the time of year that is supposed to represent peace and goodwill. IYG firmly believes that no youth or any person should be made to feel that their identity is a “dirty word” or something that must be banished from discussion – especially in schools where children and teens are meant to be educated and fostered to be good citizens. We are ready to stand strong to defend, support, and love LGBTQ+ young people. Furthermore, this is also the season of hope. Therefore, we are hopeful that good sense, love, and kindness will win out and prevent this bill from passing. Do Indiana’s LGBTQ+ young people have your love and support? If so, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to IYG that will go directly toward providing support, services, and resources to those this bill would harm most.

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