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January Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to Angie Tarr (she/her/hers) for kicking off our 2022 staff Spotlight! She has been our Training Outreach Specialist since July of 2021; however, prior to becoming any IYG employee, Angie took part in programming and events in the “old house” when she was in high school. Growing up queer before open discussions about sexuality and gender identity were commonplace, Angie often felt isolated and sad. This inspired her to seek work where she could help the LGBTQ+ youth of today avoid that experience. Angie is proud to work where she can help youth feel loved and accepted, as well as start important conversations within our community regarding LGBTQ+ matters. She added, “I love that all of us have input into the daily work of the center. There is space to learn, create, grow, work hard, play, and provide service at IYG. The best part of my job is that I get to combine all my professional training and experiences with my personal hobbies and interests, life passion of advocating for others, and creating a community that embraces everyone.” On the personal side of life, Angie is married to an amazing human, Kris, and the couple has two dogs named Sara and Murphy. Although born and raised in Indiana and a graduate of IU Bloomington, she has lived all over the United States; and is now proud to call SoBro home. Angie is also a published author who loves all things Halloween and horror, as well as gardening and caring for plants. She is happiest when spending time with her loved ones.

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