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November 2021 Staff Spotlight

Once again, it is our honor to announce our Staff Spotlight Award winner, and November’s winner is Faye Pudlo (they/them/theirs)! Faye is one of our absolutely awesome case managers. They have only been with IYG since July of this year; however, in that time they have consistently stepped up to help our youth anyway possible. Faye came to IYG looking to serve the LGBTQ+ community and be the person they wish they’d had in their life as a youth. They are hopeful that they can make positive impact on all youth they serve. When asked about their job as a case manager, Faye had this to say: “There is so much I love about my job, but definitely being in the center has been one of the best…I've gotten to know the youth really well. I'm happy to be the person they feel they can trust with anything. I've also loved getting to be part of the IYG family. I'm able to feel like myself here and be open about my identities.” In their free time, Faye loves working on cross stitch, painting, and other creative endeavors, and their cats, Mimosa and Zinfandel, love to be right there with them – usually sitting on whatever Faye is working on! Like many of our youth, Faye also loves to sing and dance.

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