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September 2021 Staff Spotlight

The September IYG Spotlight Award Winner is (drumroll please) Berley Woolen (she/her/hers or any pronouns with respect)! Berley has served as our Volunteer Coordinator since November of 2019; however, her history with the organization spans two decades, as she first joined IYG as a youth in 2000. In her time as a youth, Berley took part in peer-to-peer education and, after aging out, also worked with IYG doing data entry and accounting. She is proud have come full circle to now serve as a staff member, "When I decided to return to Indy after living in Colorado for eight years, the only thing I knew for sure was that, no matter what, I planned to get reacquainted with the IYG Family. I completed the volunteer interest form and subsequently learned that the Volunteer Coordinator position was open. I was completing my BA from St. Mary-of-the-Woods College and seeking employment, so I applied and was chosen for the position!" When asked what she loves about her job, Berley said it was that it gives her an opportunity to hear the individual stories of everyone involved in IYG and learn how their path led them to our family. "Everyone has a different story, yet we're all here with the same purpose: To protect and empower the future of our community." Berley is also an animal lover and currently has two dogs, a cat, a leopard gecko, and a blue beta fish.

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