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Staff Spotlight: January 2023

The IYG Staff Spotlight Award winner for January is none other than Randall Mason (he/him/his)! As of the beginning of the year, Randall serves as our GSA and Youth Specialist. Prior to this role, he was a Center Case Manager, a position he'd held since coming to IYG in June of last year. Even before joining our team, Randall had experience with IYG as a teenager who visited IYG a handful of times. This was his first chance to immerse himself in the queer community, and the experience stayed with him throughout his teen and young adult years. He hoped for the opportunity to work for IYG someday. Eventually, the universe brought his path back to the organization. "Growing up, I always saw IYG as a beacon of safety, support, and love," Randall says. "Now that I work here, I want to continue to be that beacon and hope for all queer and trans youth in our state." Randall is also an avid outdoorist who loves spending time in nature with his friends and dog, Camo. Last fall, Randall became engaged to his fiancée, Kayla. The two are currently spending much of their free time planning and prepping for their big day!

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