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Staff Spotlight: May 2023

Props to our May Staff Spotlight Award winner, Daniel Reyes (he/they)! Daniel is our Training Outreach Specialist who joined the team in September of last year. He was looking for queer communities around Indianapolis when he first discovered IYG. Coincidentally, he was also looking to make a change professionally and noticed that IYG just happened to be hiring. He applied, and here he is! Now that they're here, Daniel loves serving our clients, the relationships with their coworkers, and the different roles they get to play in their job. Originally from Chicago, Daniel is just beginning to settle into identifying as a Hoosier. He says that Indianapolis has opened up the midwestern heart that was always inside him. He also warns that if you run into him out and about, "you better make sure you have hours to spare, because I will talk your ears off!"

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