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2022 IYG Annual Report

Friends and supporters of IYG, It is with joy that I share with you Indiana Youth Group's 2022 Annual Report. The LGBTQ+ community continues to have obstacles thrown at us daily, and we continue to rise above; love will always be louder. Please take a few moments to read the report and see how we've served Indiana's LGBTQ+ young people and how we are continuing the work into 2023.

So many exciting things have already happened this year with expansion to another site in Crawfordsville and new additions to the IYG staff.

Thank you all for continuing to support IYG and the amazing individuals it serves. IYG continues to flourish after 36 years because of your help, and we are all so incredibly grateful! I hope you will continue to help us in serving queer youth and young adults and consider making a contribution today if you are able.


Laura Hannum

Marketing & Engagement Specialist

Indiana Youth Group

2022 Annual Report
Download PDF • 1.78MB

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