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The decision of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals to uphold Indiana’s ban on gender affirming care for youth is as infuriating as it is heartbreaking. This law is harmful and damaging to the trans and nonbinary youth of Indiana. We are so disappointed that the powers-that-be continue to attack and victimize this already marginalized and disenfranchised population of Hoosiers.

Once again, IYG will stand in defiance of those who wish to do harm to our community’s young people. We are here to support and serve trans, nonbinary, and all gender expansive youth and their families however we can. We have been fighting for queer youth for 37 years and we will continue fighting. Why? Because LGBTQ+ young people are valid and deserve the same liberties, rights, and happiness as every other citizen.

IYG’s doors and hearts are open to all LGBTQ+ young people ages 12-24 and their families during this difficult time and always.

We ask that you please stand with us in support of our young people. For more information on how, please visit

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