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Staff Spotlight: July 2023

This month's Spotlight Award winner is the second IYG staff member to join the "Double Win Club," having won her first Spotlight Award last June. Congratulations to Valerie Murphy-Clark, better known around IYG as "Miss Val." Val serves as Lead Case Manager for Project Prism and has been part of the team since February 2022. She discovered IYG shortly after relocating to Indianapolis and getting married. When she first heard about our organization and what we do, she knew it was the perfect job for her, as she has enjoyed working with young adults throughout her 30-year career in social services. When asked what she loves best about working at IYG, Val said, "I love the atmosphere and the team. Just like raising kids, it takes a village - the same is said with the work we do. It takes a village." Outside of work, Val enjoys cooking, reading, music, and roller skating. She is a family person at heart and loves spending her time with friends and families.

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