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July 2021 Staff Spotlight

This month, we’d like to give a great big shout out to Jesse Pendgraft (any pronouns with respect)! Jesse is a former IYG youth who made the transition to staff in September last year as a Case Management Specialist; and we are now proud to announce that she has been promoted to the position of Case Manager. Jesse was inspired to join the team at IYG because she loves the work that the organization does and how it helps to better our community. She also knew that her unique personal experiences and skills would be valuable to both IYG and those we serve. When asked why she loves doing this work, she responded, “Simply put: We save lives...I feel as if it’s my duty to make a change in our community.” Making positive change is certainly something we’ve seen her do and we look forward to the impact Jesse will make as a Case Manager. She also added, “I honestly wouldn't be able to do what I do without the love and support from God, IYG, and my family. My amazing mother, Tanya Northcross, and my amazing partner, LaToya Robertson, have literally poured love and support into me, and, for that, I thank you all.”

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