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July Staff Spotlight

Our July Staff Spotlight winner is a newer team member who has already made a huge impact on IYG and the young people we serve: MJ Heinz (she/her/hers or they/them/theirs)! MJ is our new Mental Health Therapist who joined the team in April of this year. In their time with us, they have been instrumental in launching our new mental health counselling program, HUGS (Help Us Grow Stronger). Before coming to work at IYG, MJ attended programming as a youth at the old house. She remembers IYG as the first place she ever felt connected to a community. As a social worker with a passion for both mental health and serving LGBTQ+ young people, MJ has previously worked at GenderNexus and Riley's Gender Health Clinic. Now, they bring their passion and expertise back to the place that supported them and ignited their work. "I love working with IYG's youth! Helping to support and encourage youth along their mental health journey is an honor," MJ said. "I am so excited to work at IYG as a counselor and to help build IYG's new counseling program!" Outside of work, MJ loves running marathons, growing mammoth sunflowers, and experimenting with new vegan recipes. They also have high hopes of someday becoming a surfer!

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