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Staff Spotlight: February 2023

Congratulations to Heather Miller (she/they), IYG's Staff Spotlight Award winner for February! Heather has been part of the team since August of last year. She began her career with IYG as a clerical assistant, and was recently promoted to Operations Coordinator. Before working here, Heather visited IYG with a friend who was a youth at the time. Heather immediately felt a sense of community and belonging during her brief visit, which inspired her to pursue joining the organization so that she might help queer youth feel those same things. Today, Heather is very grateful to be part of the team to create positive change in our state. "The thing I value most about my job is working with other like-minded queer people that share in the same mission and values of providing safer spaces for queer youth to harbor community and loving kindness," she said. "When she's not working, you might find Heather partaking in some of her favorite hobbies, which include exploring nature with her rescue pittie, Finn; hunting down vintage furniture; thrifting; painting; puzzling; cooking; and attending tree climbing competitions. She does all these things alongside her best friend and partner, Henry.

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